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Adverse Weather

Our main concern is the safety of our students and this will be paramount in our decision making.
Adverse weather conditions overnight and early morning - Wakatipu High School will liaise with QLDC’s roading contractor, the bus coordinator and all Wakatipu Schools’ Principals to make a decision re any changes to the school day. If changes are made the likely changes are:
School is open as normal, however, some bus runs may be delayed or cancelled
School has a delayed start (10am) with a compacted timetable for the remainder of the day.
Buses may be delayed or cancelled.
School is closed.

Adverse weather during the school day - we will keep students at school until the normal end of the school day. A decision regarding transport arrangements will be made at that time. We do not want parents to come to school to collect their children unless specifically notified to do so. The likely scenarios for adverse weather during the school day are:
School runs until normal time and buses can run as normal
School runs until normal time, but some bus runs are altered
In an extreme weather event, students may be kept at school until travel is safe which may mean overnight.


We will use the following channels for communicating with parents about changes in relation to adverse weather:
Text - please make sure that you have notified the school office of any changes to your number
Website and Facebook will be kept up to date
All local radio stations (Classic Hits, More FM) will broadcast any changes
If there is no news it means that school is open as normal.
If any bus runs are unable to proceed parents are requested to listen to their local radio station for guidance from Civil Defence/Queenstown Police etc with regard to road usage. All road users are advised to keep off the roads until Downers have completed road clearance.