When to keep your child at home

When your child:

Has signs of being unwell i.e. grizzly, unsettled, listless or tired
Has a high temperature or appears very hot
Is complaining of, or appears to have a sore tummy, throat or ears
Has a continuous cough
Has had diarrhoea and vomiting within the last 48 hours
Has weeping, red eyes and/or a yellow discharge around the eyes
Has broken skin sores.
Has become ill with a communicable disease e.g. measles, chickenpox.
Coughs and Colds and Managing Your Child’s Cold Symptoms
Resting at home and drinking plenty of fluid is the best way for your child to get well when they are sick with a bad cold or cough. Often the illness is caused by viruses, so antibiotics won’t help, and many of the expensive cold and flu products have been shown to have little effect on the duration and severity of the illness. Some throat lozenges contain a local anesthetic which will numb a sore throat for a while, but the same effect may be had from a warm drink. Give your child paracetamol as per GP instructions if required, and take your child to the GP if the symptoms get worse (such as a high fever).

If you are unsure, call your Doctor or Healthline for free health advice 0800 611 116