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We recognise that good communication among us all is vital for a successful and harmonious community. School is not just a place for children; it is a place for families. Spending time involved at school and with school activities will give families an opportunity to learn and observe teaching and learning in action. It is a chance to meet up with other parents and see your child at work and play. We welcome you to become involved in some way. 

Our school newsletter is our main means of communicating with our parents and families and it is therefore important to read it each week. The purpose of our newsletter is to celebrate and inform. 
For main events, a letter will be sent home with more details. For important events a reminder email and/or text will be sent home closer to the event. Emergency information will be relayed through a message on the front page of our website, on our Facebook page and via a text. It is important that you ensure your child's contact information is always current for this reason.