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Concerns and Complaints

Concerns and Complaints Process

From St Joseph's School Policy Framework

Contact the class teacher and arrange a time for an interview
Make sure of your facts/concerns and have them ready.
Listen to the teacher, taking note of details.
Arrange a time for a follow up visit.
Contact the Assistant Principal (Junior school) or Deputy Principal, (Senior School) or Principal if the matter is unresolved.

Listen to concerns/complaints from parents, taking note of details (ask for another teacher to be present if you wish)
Keep Assistant Principal (Junior school) or Deputy Principal, (Senior school) and principal informed through the process
Explain the situation as it happened if this is possible or assure parents that you will investigate the matter.
Make a definite time commitment.
Investigate the problem.
Put steps in place to resolve/rectify the situation.
Notify the parents.

Board of Trustee Members
Listen to concerns/complaints objectively.
Advise complainant to;   
contact teacher about concerns in the first instance
contact Assistant Principal (Junior school) or Deputy Principal, (Senior school) about concerns  if issue not able to be satisfactorily resolved  through teacher
contact Principal about concerns if issue not able to be satisfactorily resolved through Assistant or Deputy Principal      OR
put formal complaint in writing to Principal or Board Chairperson if not satisfactorily resolved.  

Extract from Safe Environment Procedures

5.3 Concerns or complaints
The class teacher is more than happy to talk to parents about any concerns or enquiries concerning their child.  It is helpful however, to make an appointment, informing the teacher what the inquiry or concern is about. This will help the teacher prepare, so that communication will be informed and useful.

If parents have worries or concerns, the teacher is always the first person to talk to.  If for some reason, parents feel unable to do so, then the Assistant Principal or Deputy Principal are always available for a meeting.  The Principal is also available for a meeting. Again, making an appointment is essential.  

We have procedures (Personnel) in place for staff and Board of Trustees for communicating concerns and complaints – these can be obtained through the school office.  We will endeavour to respond to any concerns or complaints within 48 hours. Our aim is to be approachable and make communication a priority. An open and friendly school benefits everyone.