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Families are expected to recognise this school’s unique Special Catholic Character and students are strongly encouraged to remain at St Joseph’s until the end of Year 8. With a maximum roll of 175, the Ministry of Education has directed the Board to operate an enrolment scheme. 

Around August each year, pre-enrolments are advertised for the following year. There is an enrolment day in October/November of each year. Aside from these set days, we welcome any prospective parents who would like to look around the school – an appointment can be made to meet the Principal by contacting the office administrator on (03) 442 8224 or e-mail: office@stjosephsqt.school.nz.

Definition of Catholic Connection
Under the Integration Agreement our school is required to enrol 95% of our students with a Catholic connection (Preference). The criteria for this is as follows:
5.1 The child has been baptised or is being prepared for baptism in the Catholic Church.
5.2 The child's parents/guardian have already allowed one or more of its siblings to be baptised in the Catholic faith.
5.3 At least one parent/guardian is a Catholic, and although their child has not yet been baptised, the child's participation in the life of the school could lead to the parents having the child baptised.
5.4 With the agreement of the child's parent/guardian, a grandparent or other significant adult in the child's life, such as an aunt, uncle or godparent, undertakes to support the child's formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church.
5.5 One or both of a child's non-Catholic parents/guardians is preparing to become a Catholic.
The criteria for Preference is established through a meeting with our Parish Priest, Ph 03 442 8414.
We currently have spaces available for children with a Catholic connection.