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What Our Families Say About Our School

“As a non-Catholic family coming into St Joseph’s, we were unsure what to expect from a Catholic school. We have been so pleased with our choice to send our children to St Joseph’s, and been thoroughly impressed with the positive and caring culture that the school provides. We feel our children have thrived at St Jo’s, with their all-encompassing approach to teaching the children as a whole, which includes their physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social selves. The teaching style is both supportive and allows for extension, according to the abilities of each of our children. We especially love the way the children of all ages look out for one another, which is promoted by the teaching of values such as respect, honesty and compassion and the Big buddy system. As a family we have always been made to feel comfortable in the catholic school environment and have been welcomed into the community and supported and looked after as every family is”. Pip Souness

"You have a lovely school there and it looks to me like there is a very caring attitude amongst the pupils. This was evident to me whilst in the playground each morning where I watched the pre-school time morning football 'soccer' match. No matter the ability, size , age or sex, anyone that wanted to play was welcomed, given a side and joined in. Everyone looked out for each other." Andrew Worrall

"We feel very privileged that our children have engaged in St Joseph's culture and focus of being kind and looking after others. This was proven recently when we were overseas. We had complete strangers (not just the once but several times) thanking us for our children who had gone out of their way to help other younger children, children upset, or just afraid of doing an activity. Our children were kind, supportive and encouraging. As parents we felt very proud and wanted to thank St Joseph's as we feel they have contributed significantly to moulding our children’s characters. Thank you."  Cindy & Mike Bonn

“I have seen a genuine culture of respect … the children I work with show an eagerness to learn and a kindness and support of each other that has really impressed me.  St Joseph’s strikes me as being a nurturing and inclusive environment with a strong sense of values. Everywhere I look, I see happy children.”  Deb Beadle, Volunteer at our school

“The buddy system really helped my son to settle in - he felt really special having a senior student as a role model and it really helped him to feel like he belonged at the school.”  
Matt Price, Parent

“The community you have created at this school is caring, warm and clearly strives for excellence.”  Shawn Barron, Trainee teacher

“The quality of the music and choreography, the focus and performance skills of the children were all simply outstanding and far beyond what one normally expects to see from primary school age children.”   Mark Ashmore-Smith, Principal, Ouruhia School

“I loved every performance but I just felt I had to email you about your school’s performance.
The qualities your students displayed both on the stage and off the stage are a credit to you, your staff, your community and most importantly your students.
They were amazing.  I only wish I could have seen your school production as the snapshot I saw was wonderful.   Not only were the children amazing on stage but their values shone through off stage with the manners they displayed and the behaviour they showed.”   
Paula Hastings, Kuranui School Principal

'' St Joseph has been amazing in helping the kids settle down in Queenstown after moving from Auckland. The supportive and encouraging environment has made my kids grow in confidence and definitively has being a big support in making the transition extremely smooth for them. The academic learning is great, and so is the learning about how to navigate through the nuances of society norms, teamwork, and friendships. I love the talks about how each child have a special talent, how they are individuals with a valuable heritage and how we all have something to contribute. School term is surely a happy time in our household - Thanks to St Joseph.''
Sis Vasconcelos,  Parent

"Our son  joined St Joseph's and we see major positive changes in a short period of time.

We can only thank St Joseph's with their extremely warm family atmosphere  and hands on educational curriculum  that have done wonders in increasing  his self confidence and ability to  interact in a new environment.

It seems like he is remarkably proud  of doing something challenging  that  demands active participation with a rewarding intellectual experience in tandem with a spiritual development that has been supremely  progressive in comparison to the past.

He says himself that he wants to "tell" his old classmates of the wonderful School in Queenstown with its benefits in many aspects along with the nature that surrounds
all of Queenstown.

We had not anticipated such a significant upward momentum in our son's  cheerful mood, intellectual development and spiritual understanding. 

The credit has to be given to  St Joseph's being true to yourself and your students.

You are an outstanding catholic school with focus and aim at  true values, true visions, honesty and respect.

We thank you again and walk in truth".  
Anonymous parent