Our families really value the sporting opportunities made possible for their children at our school. Whenever possible, children are entered into events where they compete with other schools in Wakatipu Basin and thenCentral Otago if they qualify. We do rely on parents being able to help with various events throughout the year and our ability to continue to offer these is based on receiving this help. Our children develop skills to play various games, learn about teamwork, are well prepared to participate in local sporting events and have lots of fun. 

Sports and Venues

We use our local environment including Queenstown Botanical Gardens, Queenstown Hill, Recreation Ground, Frankton Track, Events Centre complex and grounds to further enhance opportunities for fitness and sport.
Some of the activities our children are involved in are:
Athletics Bike riding Netball
Cross country Jump Jam Skiing
Orienteering Skating Triathlon
Swimming Tramping Gymnastics
Winter and Summer sports Camp
During the winter, Years 4-8 children have a weekly skiing or snowboarding lesson for 6 weeks. The younger children learn ice-skating. The inter-school cross country event is held during Term 3, followed by the inter-school athletics day in Term 4. Children attend swimming lessons at the Events Centre during the summer months in Terms 1 and 4. Inter-school swimming is held in term 1.

We actively encourage parents to help organise and coach any sport. Many of our children are involved in weekend competition thanks to the parents. Netball, Rippa rugby and Touch are the only sports where the school has teams; the other sporting codes are catered for through our wider community clubs. If you are new to the region, check the Newsletter for information on sports and cultural activities outside the school.

Under the Vulnerable Children’s Act, 2014, schools were required to review measures to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of our children. When we reviewed our procedures, all staff who work at our school had been Police vetted, parents who go on camp and some parents who regularly parent help if they work out of the classroom with the students were vetted. However, we were confronted with some challenges ie what about parents with sport’s teams and transporting students?

As a result and to ensure consistency and assurance for us and our families,, we require all parents who wish to volunteer in any way to undertake a Police Vet. Please ask our office administrator, Heather for the forms to complete. Once completed, bring them into school with 2 original forms of ID (accepted ID is on the form) - Heather will need to confirm she has sighted these. 

If you are not sure whether you will volunteer, may I suggest you complete the form and get it processed as it takes time to get this done. In this way if an event comes up that you would like to participate in, you know you are covered.