How You Can Help at Home

NZmaths has a section for Families for activities you can do at home.

Thanks also to Viv Thompson, Maths adviser, for sharing her presentation for parents - if you missed our Information meeting on how we teach Mathematics, this is a good place to start.

Parent Information

Other ways to help:
- Be positive and enthusiastic about mathematics yourself.
- Ask questions about what your child is doing in Maths.
- Use everyday situations to ask mathematical questions – supermarket, time, cooking, banking, sharing things etc
- Get your child to show you how to solve Maths problems.
- Help them learn their basic facts.
- Play mathematical games together.
- Play interactive online games –Find links on the St Joseph’s Ultranet site
- Encourage and praise them for their efforts.
- Check the free Ministry of Education website - NZ Maths
- Finally make Maths learning FUN!