Numeracy Passports

The Numeracy Passports highlight the knowledge aspects of our Numeracy Programme.

These are the ‘bits’ that the children just need to know. They need to be able to instantly recall this information which becomes increasingly more difficult the further the children progress. These ‘bits’ are used by the children to develop strategies to use when adding and subtracting and multiplying and dividing. Expected levels of achievement are:

Year Level                        Strategy Level

By the End of Year 8              Stage 7 and for some 8

By the End of Year 7              Stages 6-7

By the End of Year 6              Stage 6

By the End of Year 5              Stages 5-6

By the End of Year 4              Stage 5

After Three Years at School   Stages 4-5

After Two Years at School      Stage 3-4

After One Year at School        Stages 2