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Play Based Learning and Discovery Time

Play based learning and Discovery Time allows teachers and students to co-create a positive learning environment where students direct and take responsibility for their own learning with the guidance of their teacher. It provides opportunities for teachers to meet the cognitive, social-emotional and physical needs of students through structured, activity based experiences.

Teachers facilitate children's learning: 
  • through providing activities around a highly motivating theme, 
  • by focusing on one of the key competencies which are necessary tools to become a lifelong learner and a competent citizen, 
  • through providing quality questioning to direct and extend each student's learning and 
  • by giving students feedback.
                                                                                                          Brenda Martin and Gay Hay, Discovery Time (2008) 

At St Joseph's School, we wanted to make children's transition from early childhood education to school as smooth as possible. We saw Play Based Learning and Discovery Time as a way to do this and have seen great results so far. We also know that reading and writing skills develop best for children who have good oral language and a broad and rich vocabulary. This time provides lots of opportunities for children to talk and build their vocabulary in a range of meaningful contexts.

Children love this time at our school. If you want further information, please speak to our New Entrant teacher, Lisa Dickson.