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School Camps

In New Zealand, we live in a beautiful environment surrounded by sea and beaches, with lakes, rivers, water, mountains and bush in abundance. As a result, we believe it is important to teach our children the necessary skills to be safe and to enjoy a variety of activities possible through living in this environment. As well as using this environment for everyday learning, children also have the opportunity to go on school camps, a real highlight for their year.

When planning school camps for our children, we endeavour to do the following:
  • Provide a variety of environments for children to ensure variety of opportunities for learning
  • Build on experiences so that as children get older, proximity from school, amount of time and level of challenge increases
  • Develop an alternate year programme so that children can look forward to camps at each year level, teachers develop familiarity and expertise in running particular camps which means they select best activities for areas to meet student's needs, relate learning to inquiry topics and get to know experts to use in these places.

The numbers of children at each year level may have an impact on the choice of camp eg some venues are not suited for larger groups.

School camps alternate years are currently as follows:
    Years 7/8 -      5 day camp in Wellington / Borland Lodge - Fiordland National Park
    Years 5/6 -      4 day camp in Dunedin / Camp Columba, Pukerau
    Year 4 -           3 day camp in Naseby
    Years 2/3 -      2 day camp in  Glenorchy / Various day adventures in the local Wakatipu District 
    Year 0/1 -        Outdoor day experiences eg Walter Peak on the Earnslaw steamer, visit Toy Museum in Wanaka