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Board of Trustees - What We Do

The Board of Trustees has the overall governance of the school, including certain legal obligations covering responsibility for property, personnel, the proper management of school finances, reporting to the Ministry of Education and School Community, and the Charter undertaking. Every school’s charter and mission statement reflects local needs and priorities. The Board of Trustees employs, supports and monitors the performance of the Principal, develops and reviews policies, establishes goals, and, through delegated responsibility to the Principal, ensures effective delivery of the curriculum and reporting to the BOT, School Community, Catholic Education Office and Ministry of Education, the employment and management of staff, special character, documentation and review, finances, property, health & safety and other legislative requirements. The day to day management of the school and effective delivery of the curriculum is delegated to the Principal and teaching staff. The Board of Trustees meets once a month. Meeting times, dates and venues are advertised in the school newsletter. You are welcome to attend.