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Meet our Board of Trustees - Our Board Chair - Gigi Hollyer

In my 7th year on our Board, I have enjoyed being part of the school community effort to improve the playing surfaces and goals on the top part of the school. This project showed how much we can achieve as a small school when we work together on a common goal.

Caitlin who is in Year 7 and Anthony in Year 5 have enjoyed their time at St Jo’s as I did as a kid in the 1980s. My mum was even the first Board Chair in 1989! I am looking forward to working through the challenges that lie ahead to keep our school relevant, current, and growing while retaining our special character. Your thoughts on how to achieve this are valued.

My volunteer work on education Boards has turned into paid work as I train other school boards on governance for New Zealand School Trustees Association. The learning I have taken from our school Board is important and relevant to the work I do.