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Student Leaders

Growing leadership is important to us at St Joseph's School. Children are given opportunities from 5 years old to enable them to develop the necessary skills so that, by the time they are in Year 8, they as Year 8 school leaders will be able to have significant input into making St Joseph's School a great school to attend. Our vision is to "create confident learners who, like Jesus, make a positive difference" and our Year 8 students definitely believe that they can do this through their leadership roles.
All of the Year 8 students have a leadership role and are given opportunities to develop their role throughout the year. It is great to see the initiatives of the students eg House activity every second Friday, dance group, a new bus shelter and our annual talent quest to name a few. One of the roles of our Year 8 leaders is to show new families around the school. In this way, new families get to hear about the school from the students’ perspective. This develops our students' confidence and communications skills.

As a way of developing the students’ leadership skills, all the Year 8 students at St Joseph’s School are given the opportunity to attend the Halogen National Young Leaders Day which is held in Dunedin each year. The aim of National Young Leaders Day is to develop student leadership and be both inspirational and practical. We don’t want any of our Year 8 students to miss this valuable opportunity, especially as we see this experience “lighting the fire” of leadership for students who did not necessarily show this potential prior to attending this day. Being a smaller school, we can make this happen for our senior students and work hard to get support to send them for free.

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