At St Joseph's School, we use ongoing assessment information from a range of sources to identify each individual child's learning need and teach to their learning needs rather than their age. Class programmes are planned from the New Zealand National curriculum and supporting documents for each year group.

In any class, there is always a range of ability and current attainment. As a result each class operates groups at a variety of levels at the same time as part of the normal delivery of the programme. There is not a set learning programme at each particular year level, rather, there are expectations set at curriculum levels which span across two years and take into account children's interests. It is also possible that a class may have teaching and learning programmes that cover more than one curriculum level.

Parents are encouraged to spend time in the classrooms if they wish to find out how each class functions. Parents are welcome to talk to their child’s teacher about aspects of the learning programme any time throughout the year. However, it is helpful to the teacher if you make an appointment.